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WHY DOESN’T IT HAVE MORE NOTES THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! Dean’s character development is spectacular and we should talk more about it. Although this gifset says it all

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#bruce banner is a swallower pass it on

#for a second i thought this was the official mark ruffalo tumblr and i almost had a heart attack

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when you’re listening to car radio  and you get to the part where hes like yelling do you feel like climbing up on your roof and yelling to the whole neighborhood “AND NOW I JUST SIT IN SILENCE” and doing the arm thing

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If you come out of a concert looking the same way you did when you went in, you’re doing it wrong

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A queen she was of the woodland Elves, […] and she was the mightiest and fairest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-earth.”

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Please excuse me while I walk over your husband’s corpse like he’s nothing and upon entering the room, ignore your traumatised child in his crib and instead clutch your lifeless body in a demonstration of my love for you: creepy and entirely unhelpful

i love how everyone just knows what this is referencing

i dont and i am slightly mortified

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I hate when people mention someone in their life by their name without providing me with any context about who this person is.

“So Dylan and I went to yoga class yesterday — ”

Hold it right there. Who the fuck is Dylan. Your boyfriend? Your arch nemesis? Your brother? Your pet sea monkey? Your therapist? Your favourite fictional character? Are you on a first-name basis with your dad? Last-name basis with Bob? WHO THE FUCK IS DYLAN.

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                                              give him a puzzle
& watch him dance

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